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Aletha McGee

Reflecting on the refractions of the mind, creation oozes from Aletha in a myriad of forms to meet the awareness of the moment. Multi-medium explorations include photography and writing, singing and improvisational sound tapestries, performing, painting, and jewelry making. Her love of nature and inspiration to protect and love this earth inspires everything she does. Mindfulness and Buddhist teachings massage her mind and wrest her restless soul to find refuge in impermanence, equanimity and kindness. The rest, is silence. 


Testimonials for Tarot Readings and Sound Body Coaching

(April 2014)

Aletha has become a part of my annual ritual of having my cards read.  Every time I go, it's truly a therapeutic day for me.  I take the BART to Oakland, and walk a truly beautiful journey to Aletha's cozy garden apartment, nestled under fragrant jasmine, with furry kitties lazing about in the sun.  I mean, really, you couldn't set the scene more perfectly.

Aletha has such an open heart and such grace; you really feel as if you are in good hands.  She makes you feel welcome and comfortable in her home.  And even though I am about to share intimate parts of my life with her, I never feel afraid or skeptical.

At one point in my last reading, Aletha was visited by spirits that wanted to get a message across to me about a past life.  Now, this wasn't what I had come for, and I wasn't sure I even wanted to know.  But Aletha just held out her hands and asked me to take them.  And honestly, at that moment, I felt like I could handle any news, good or bad.  And the message was both freeing and life affirming.  I am so grateful I learned this information in her capable hands!

You really will not regret inviting Aletha into your life and mind.  She is a truly gifted healer that I am very grateful to know and have the pleasure of working with.

-Karrie Myers Taylor, San Francisco